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Our elegant ‘Asmara’ wrap boasts many exotic colours, reminding us of that beautiful East African city. It has vibes of great musicians from across the diaspora such as Bob Marley and Asa. It is a touch of rich culture and nostalgia. All accompanied with our satin-centre to protect your crown and yet give you the freedom to experiment with your wrapping style!

Our Supers: These are 60 inches long and 22 inches wide (that’s plenty!) These are perfect for covering your whole head, with some length left to experiment! These are great when you want to protect your hair from the weather, deep condition but look amazing or add a touch of elegance to work or a night out with loved ones! Remember our tutorials are available on our website and social media pages (@kubawraps)

Our Minis: These are 60 inches long and 11 inches wide, exactly half of our Supers in width. These are a beautiful addition to any style, they are so versatile and only leave the top of your head uncovered. You can, of course, fold your mini according to your preference! These look amazing with any up-do, complimenting your wig style, covering your edges or keeping your twists neat and moisturised.

Our Super Minis: These are 60 inches long and 8 inches wide. A perfect smaller addition to a puff or a bun, these are also great with braids of any sort! These elegant super minis can be great for a run to the shop to cover that morning hair, keeping your braids looking fresh by covering the roots as well as a great way to spice up your outfit of choice. These are great for practicing your wrapping skills!

Weight 165 g
Dimensions 48 × 22 in

Super, Mini


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